Are You Thinking About Purchasing A Used Semi-Truck?

Make a budget for yourself to determine how much you want to spend on the truck. Do this by determining what it will be used for. This will also help you figure out the mileage you are looking for and, the type of truck that is best for you. When you find one, make sure that you investigate it by looking at the maintenance history for any major issues from an accident. Ask for maintenance records. Asking for these records will help you try to figure out how the previous owner took care of the truck. Check the records to see if any parts were replaced. That will give you a better understanding of any red flags.

Ask why the dealer or the private seller is listing any used semi trucks for sale. You are basically looking to see was there any kind of damage? Are there any mechanical issues? Or maybe the owner of the truck might just be upgrading and so they decided to sell it. Whatever the reason is, you want to be sure to find out, so that you can avoid any major issues altogether or at least be aware of them. Find out if anything needs to be replaced on the truck now. That way you can determine if you want to continue with the process. This will also give you a good idea if you are getting a good price based on if the truck needs any additional work.

Ask what type of engine and transmission the truck has. Certain engines may have issues that are well documented. That way you can do your research to see if there is anything that you should be aware of. Inspect the truck by thoroughly looking at the oil, the body, the brakes, and the tires. Look for any leaks. some of these are minor and can be fixed, putting you in a good position to ask for a discount. Other issues can lead to additional costs that may not be worth purchasing it.

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Check to see if you would be permitted to get an oil sample that will tell you how the engine is performing. Inspect the body to see if there’s any rusting or marks. Often time if there was damage that was not repaired over time rust may occur. Doing this will also give you a chance to determine if there is any past accidents you need to know about. 

Be sure to check the mileage. High miles do not necessarily mean it is a deal breaker. If the truck has high mileage, check to see if it has a good history. Make sure there are no documented problems with that engine that would cause the purchase to not be worth it. Be prepared to walk away if you find any issues or red flags. There are plenty of options out the to look at. This will save you time, stress and money in the long run.