Car Detailing For Beginners

Car detailing step by step that you can D0-It Yourself.

  1. wash
  2. clay
  3. polish
  4. wax

The 4 car detailing steps above are the most common. Depending on the condition of the car, 4 steps is already make our cars stand out and maintained than other cars.



car detailingWash can be done in many ways. I always start from the dirtiest part, wheels and tires are in direct contact with road which mean the dirtiest part.

Equipment that we need :

  • Wheel cleaner or all purpose cleaner
  • Brush (teeth, shoes, etc.)
  • Sponge
  • Brush

After alloy wheels, tires and wheel arches clean, just start washing body. Wash body also starts from the top and then down so that washmitt / sponge is not dirty first to get the bottom. May start with rinse the car so that the dusts fall out, then foam first and followed by washmitt washmitt and two buckets. Two buckets method is the goal so that dirty washmitt rinsed in a bucket of clean water and then enter into the soap water. The goal so that ga bawa2 dirt that can nimbulin beret.

Equipment that we need :

  • Car soap
  • 2 buckets
  • Water hose
  • Clean water
  • Washmitt / sponge
  • Chamois / microfiber / waffleweave drying towel
  • Blower

Rinse and dry! Drying it wiht no pressure so it wont make dent. Go to step 2!


What clay purpose anyway? in car detailing clay it to lift the dirt stuck on the surface that ga lifted up the washing pake soap. What is clay that can lift? Paint overspray, bird droppings, tar, asphalt, dry cement, paint transfer, brake dust, water crust, etc. How to do it? Wet part of the car that will be done with water / soap water. Can also use quick detailer / clay lubricant. Depending on budget. Then start claying the people. Slowly do not use pressure, clay will glide lift dirt. After the decontamination process is complete, touch the surface. If already smooth means the car detailing is right. Dry surface with microfiber towel. Claying is generally 3-6 months. Depending on the use of his car how hardcore

Equipment that we need :

  • Claybar / claytowel
  • Quick detailer / soap water / clay lubricant
  • Microfiber towel


After the paint is dirt free, it’s time to remove the swirlmarks, scratches, oxidation and restores gloss. car detailing polish can use hand or machine. Generally if you use hand it will be tiring, so for beginner / hobbyist may buy DA machine. DA engine is safe for beginners. Easy to learn, use , and affordable. How to do: using hand —> use hand buffing pad, 3-4 drops polish drug then start rubbing the surface until the swirls reduced, then wipe with microfiber towel until the surface clean. using DA —> may ask master here. Usually use polishing pad then speed 4-5, doing 2-3 section pass then using microfiber towel until surface clean. Do not forget to check what LED lights swirls have gone / decreased. Car detailing polish recommended 2x per year (max 3x). Because the polish will erode the clear coat. If polish frequency, will make bald.

Equipment that we need :

  • Polish
  • Hand buffing pad
  • DA machine + polishing pad
  • Microfiber towel

Wax / Sealant

The goal is to provide a thin layer of car to protect from dust, water, dirt, etc. Other than that different wax will provide a different look finishing on each car. Color paint, character wax, curing time, etc. How: use the applicator pad, then pour 2-3 drops of wax / sealant and then start applying on the surface evenly. Do it by moving back and forth, alternating the problem of origin is not swirls arise. After that wait / direct clean (depending on the instruction of each wax / sealant) use microfiber towel. The wax / sealant results are usually between wet look, deep look, glassy or warm. Depending on the character of the paint. The sealant usually has higher durability than wax because of its all chemical properties. If it contains organic ingredients, such as carnauba. Imagine the havens of pollution, traffic jams, and so on.

Equipment that we need :

  • Wax / sealant
  • Applicator pad
  • DA machine (optional)
  • Microfiber towel

Additional steps :

Tire polish.

The goal is to prevent tires from browning effect. As well as make the car image plasticity clean and well maintained.

Equipment that we need :

  • Tyre dressing
  • Applicator pad

Finish with 4 (plus 1) stages detailing for beginner / hobbyist. If you like this, just keep the maintenance of wash out spray wax or quick details. It is called maintaining the finish.

Remember, paint is like human’s skin. It deserves the softest and best treatment possible. The more you care for and put layers of protection on it, the easier to maintain and the better it will look through time. Happy Detailing!