Buy Kayak: Tips to Choose

Buy Kayak: it is not an easy task and more so when we are not experts. The first thing we have to be clear is the use we want to give the kayak, the budget available, the space we have to save it, and once more, you need Kayak Trailers to facilitate you in carrying kayak. From these premises we can make concrete between the wide offer that is presented to us.

Among the main uses that can be given to a kayak we will highlight sea kayak, recreation, white water, kayak surf and fishing. There are those who would add some other category including the competition but we think they are very technical, have their specific users and do not need advice to buy kayak.

Sea Kayak

If your objective is to cross by sea this will be the type of kayak you need. Depending on the distance and if you are going to make trips of several days of duration you will need a kayak longer and with compartments to carry the necessary load. Therefore, we differentiate between shorter kayaks or light cruising for short day outings and those of expedition with which you can make long journeys of more than one day.

Some of them come equipped with flip float or rudder, is an option that we must choose taking into account that the longer the kayak more need of rudder we will have. In general we will say that they are fast kayaks with which we will travel long distances comfortably and in which we can transport load. As a disadvantage they have to be long and therefore more difficult to store and transport by land. These kayaks are also perfectly valid for sailing in calm, inland waters; That is, lakes, swamps or estuaries.

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They are those that are used to travel small distances or simply to spend a pleasant time in nature. They are very versatile, and valid for sea, river, lake or swamp.

Recreational kayak

Within recreational kayaks we can distinguish between two well-differentiated types: the closed and the autovacables. The autovacables are safer because they do not fill with water in case of overturning, simply by turning them around we can reassemble and continue to shovel. In general they are cheap, light and of small dimensions; And therefore are very popular among beginners and those who have space limitations to store and transport them. They are kayaks for people without great pretensions but with which you can fully enjoy the kayaking.

Kayak For Rough Water

Within the brave waters there are many modalities and each of them demands a different kind of kayak ranging from the freestyle to the voluminous creek. With the right kayak we will be able to surf curls and waves, or to descend rivers of great difficulty.

Whitewater Kayak

As there is a great variety of kayaks and modalities, we have dedicated a whole post to this theme: whitewater kayaks.

Kayak Surfing

Although there are specific models of kayak surfing made of fiber and with keels, it is customary to use freestyle kayaks that adapt perfectly to the waves. The advantage is that being plastic they do not require maintenance and that is very difficult to be damaged.

Kayak fishing

It is a booming mode in which specially adapted autovacable kayaks are used. They are stable kayaks and with great capacity of load, and usually include fishing accessories, as well as tambuchos and space for storage. It is customary for each fisherman to adapt the kayak to their liking and will include equipment according to their needs, but it is normal to start with a specific fishing kayak.

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