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Tips To Clean Your Drain Users of a building require provision of clean water and effective draining of waste in order for their activities to run effectively. If the building has a proper drainage of waste, it simply means that the building environment is clean, safe and healthy for everyone who uses it. There are different reasons why a drain is blocked. You are required to have a skilled plumber to serve you with the plumbing service since you can’t just clean the drain on your own. This ensures that the waste is properly drained from the building resulting in a clean environment for users. If there comes a time that the building’s drain will be blocked, it is understood that the building needs to have a rain cleaning. There are different reasons for blocked drains. Foreign objects which are too big to pass through the drains may be flushed down the toilet. Hair may be washed down the sink and accumulate in drainage pipes thus causing a blockage. Fats, Oil and wax can also be a reason for blocked drain since they are commonly washed down the sink and they get stuck in the sides of the drainage pipes.
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Due to the accumulation of these substances, the drains may get blocked as time goes by. Leaves should also be swept and disposed off in garbage immediately because if not, they may find their way through the drainage pipes and this can be another reason for blocked drain. Even the roots of trees cause blocked drains since they are attracted to moisture. They will find a way through the water by cracking the pipe.
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In order to carry out drain cleaning, a plumber can use a hydrojetter. The hydrojetter has a very high pressure that the water that it releases can remove all the dirt that blocks the drain. The hydrojetter is lowered into the drain and pushed until it reaches the area where there is a blockage. It is very important to identify the blockage and its nature, in that way, the drain cleaning will be done effectively. If the plumber has already identified the blockage, it will help him do the proper approach in cleaning the drain. Video pipe inspection makes use of small cameras that are lowered down the pipe so that the plumber can view the insides of the pipe and give the appropriate solution.

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