How to load a moving van

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When talking about moving people mostly pay attention to clearing the house of possessions, cleaning, and packing. Often times loading and transport is something professional movers do for you, but what if you need to do it yourself? There are some preferable rules about how to load a moving van, a trailer, or a truck. Without knowing those rules you risk to make more damage than good. When loading a truck the proper way you are saving yourself the trouble of damaging goods and injuring yourself and others. There is a way to optimize your loading space, position your items for better weight and size distribution, and to secure it so no damage comes while on a road.

How to load a moving van

You can separate your van loading job into five phases:

  1. Planning and providing supplies
  2. Disassembling and packing
  3. Loading – size and weight matters
  4. Securing your possessions for a road
  5. Consider alternatives

Planning and providing supplies

Make a list of your possessions and calculate if you will have enough space to move them with a van. The chances are that you might need to rent a bigger one to place all your items and it’s better to figure that early in the process. The next thing you need is a considerable amount of packing supplies to pack everything. Not only supplies but some specialized equipment as well. Supplies you will need includes anything from boxes, packing tapes, plastic wraps, package fillers, label markers, to even as simple as scissors. From the equipment, there are dollies, sliders, lifters, moving blankets, different kinds of straps and ratchets, even a loading ramp. Don’t forget that you can’t load your furniture alone, so don’t hesitate to ask your family members and friends to come and give you a hand. Lifting heavy stuff by yourself can result in some serious injuries.

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Don’t hesitate to ask for help when packing. Alt.tag: Cardboard boxes for packing

Disassembling and packing

While packing every single box, bag, cart, and other packages should be packed tight, firm, and should be stable if possible. You don’t want your possessions to jump freely in the van on the bumpy parts of the road. Fragile items demand additional attention and should be treated carefully, so take your time when packing. As for the large furniture, they are usually heavy by default and really difficult to navigate around. Start disassembling as many furniture parts as possible. Of course, do not try to separate things that have a firm connection so they don’t break. But, any attachable part should be removed and packed away. Also, according to Moving Kings NC, any doors and drawers on your furniture should be prevented from opening while loading and while on the road. For that matter use tapes and ropes wherever you can.

Loading – Size and weight matters

When it comes to loading itself it’s all about properly distributing the weight. Largest and heaviest items should be loaded first, and in most cases, weight distribution should not be focusing back doors. Don’t pile up items that can crush each other with its own weight. When loading tables and similar items place them in an upright position to save even more space. Wrapping them with moving blankets and plastic wrap should prevent scratches on sensitive surfaces. Last items that should be loaded are light items, fragile items, and items that you will need first when arriving at the destination. Things like paintings, mirrors, and tech devices must be properly protected and secured before moving. If you are not sure about some steps you can ask experienced professional to help you with advice or two.

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Proper weight distribution is the key when loading a van. Alt.tag: Packing a truck or a van for moving

Securing your possessions for a road

When heavy items are loaded, you will have to be sure your load will not move and shift during transportation. It can be quite dangerous to have a heavy moving truck with shifting furniture on the road. The driver can lose direction and represent a direct danger to others and himself. Moving vans and trucks have a convenience to tie boxes and furniture with ropes and straps to its walls. Some have locks on the floor that can be used for additional baggage locking. Tie every single piece of furniture, and every single box firmly. Nothing should move, and the best thing is to tie them sector by sector, heavy items separately tied from lighter. Use moving blankets or any blankets to fill the holes between furniture. If you are not sure you can pull off all safety measures it’s better not taking chances, instead, hire a professional relocation team.

Safety is on the first place, make sure none of the boxes are tumbling in your van. Alt.tag: A ratchet for securing van load when moving

Consider alternatives

When talking about uncertainty, loading a van is one of those situations where you need to be 100 percent sure you can do it right. If not, then don’t do it at all, especially if you don’t have enough experience. Why risk your health, your money, and the condition of your households. If you don’t have enough time to properly plan and execute your relocation then you have one last option, hire professionals to do it for you. Let’s say you are living in North Carolina and you need to hire a local relocation team from Carrboro. Like many movers in the state, they will provide you with quotes, then you compare those quotes with other movers. With the internet at your hand, you have access to anything online. You can calculate your budget and see if it would be a viable solution for you.

If you are doing it the right and the safe way, which is the most important thing btw, then all that is left to do now is to check the distance of your move, and gas prices. However, if you are hiring professionals then you will save even more time to sit down and plan your other important things besides how to load a moving van.

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