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Tips on How To Train Your Rottweiler The breed of the Rottweiler dog dates back to a region in Germany knows as Rottweil which was an agricultural region. Their work was mainly to care for the domesticated animals since they have a larger body size. Additionally, they performed the work of a guide and a defender. This breed of dogs also made exceptional police dogs. They are mainly known for their intelligence and valor. If these dogs are trained properly, they can be brought up to be very loyal and sociable. Rottweilers are unyielding dogs and are susceptible when it comes to their territory. As a result, these dogs are hard to train obedience to their master Owing to instances from the past where they have attacked and bitten people, the Rottweiler has gained a bad image. In the most scenarios where they have bitten strangers, it is more with the aggressive and susceptible nature of the dog regarding their territory. Increased hostility from the dogs is observed when poor training and treatment is subjected to them by a harsh master. It is highly advisable that the correct training and socialization of these dogs be carried out while these dogs are still puppies. This not only keeps them from gaining aggressive habits and being territorial against strangers, but also towards their masters. Handling them can become a problem for the teachers if not trained well since they can be so large- sized and strong. This shortcoming can, however, be bypassed by correct upbringing on how to be submissive at an early age. Problems such as aggressiveness, barking, biting and others develop as part of their nature due to poor training. This can be easily avoided.
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The Rottweiler dogs can learn obedience and become well-natured if their owners understand the crucial basics of the dog`s upbringing. Giving them a reward for instances where they demonstrate enhanced good behavior can motivate them to be well behaved. To reward them; you can give them a shout out, a doll or some comestible product. If they behave badly, they can be penalized though not sternly to prevent future aggression.
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Taking time to be with the dog is a crucial part of training as well. To succeed in training the Rottweiler, the master ought to take their time to be with them. The owner should also ensure that the dogs get enough training to prevent health complications resulting from their massive size. In a scenario where the dogs are not exercised enough, they can suffer obesity which gives them circumstantial diseases such as having heart conditions, breathing problems and arthritis. The training should, therefore, be done on a daily basis.

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