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Potential Industries When Looking For Oregon Investments

California is usually the first state that we think of each and every time we talk about the west coast of the United States. The state of Washington which is the home of Microsoft would be the second state that comes to mind if we are going to talk about the West Coast, ad lastly Oregon. Due to the fact that Oregon is practically located between two huge States, it does not seem to get recognition and attention that it deserves.

Though this maybe true, Oregon is now currently rising to the top of the fame ladder in various fields like Industries and business. This particular fact is the very reason why Oregon could present a potential solid invest to any capitalist be it a venture or resident capitalist. Listed below are investment opportunities that Oregon has to offer.

Aviation mechanics Investment Opportunities

Every time we talk of Oregon airports, what particularly comes to mind? Of course one can easily say it would be the Portland International Airport PDX which caters a lot of domestic and international flights each and every day. Oregon has six different airports and most of them are connecting they are flights so that the passenger he does not need to commute anymore after arriving or during departing from PDX. Below are the six airports in Oregon that handles commercial passenger flights.

1. Portland International Airport widely known as PDX.
2. Eugene Airport commonly known as EUG.
3. Medford Airport or MFR.
4. North Bend Airport or OTH
5. Pendleton Airport popularly known as PDT PDT
6. Lastly RDM(Redmond)

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Portland and North Bend Airport are the only two airports on the coast, it is still however unclear on the way Portland is listed as coastal when the fact is it is located inland. This is probably due to the fact that Portland can access directly a highway route to the coast whereas the other airports does not have this kind of highway route access.

Because of this if you are an investor looking for a business investment in Oregon you can hop on the aviation mechanic industry as most certainly you will be offered more work than you and your team can handle. You should also know that aside from the 6 large airports present in the states there are still other smaller Regional airports present in the state which imposes a lot of opportunities when setting up aviation mechanic shop investment as you will not only get a chance to outsource repair and overhaul of larger airlines but with the smaller regional ones as well. It could potentially be the investment of a lifetime for you.

Hospitality Opportunities

Though you may think that this is a taboo idea, the truth is that Oregon already legalized recreational cannabis use. For this reason there has been an increased in the tourism of the West Coast. This is another investment that you can tap on.

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