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Advantages of Using Text Messages and Email

Texting, emailing and instant messaging is a way of communicating with people who are relatively far. Both email and instant messaging will require some internet connection while texting will do with mobile phone networks. Some of the mobile services allow the use of the three methods to be used in one gadget while and others will offer only one or two of the others. The the way the use of these devices like mobile phones and the tablets has made it also most difficult to have a drawing line between the three, that is short messages, email and text messages. Both the devices that are the tablet and the phone are internet user compliant. You can send the messages or the emails using any of the two devices that is mobile phone or tablet. That makes writing an email and sending text messages almost the same. Some of the gadgets will make sure you receive your notification message if you receive either of the two even when the device is off. That makes it possible for the user to know when either a message comes via email or short messaging just like using text messages. At the same time those who have send the messages to know when the recipient has not seen the message. Texting is in between the short messaging and the email. When you use text messages you are limited too only 160 characters that will mean that you are limited to a certain extent. You need to realize that SMS is only transmitted using a mobile phone.

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You should also know that it is faster to use a text message than email as emails will require internet connection but SMS can reach the destination without internet connection. SMS reaches the person you want to communicate with especially from your database ad you share almost anything from the weather of the day to the traffic situation and many more. You will need internet connection if you are to use instant messaging but the services vary as from one platform to the next. IM will allow you to communicate with only those who are using similar service. Using IM is much faster than email when the other person is logged on. You are sure the person you are sending your message will be able to receive and reply the message as soon as they receive because most of them are intent. You are sure that your information will reach the other person without delay if you are using either text messages or instant messages. You will have to choose which one you want to use depending on whether you want to use the internet or you have a long message to pass.

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