The Many Perks of Installing an EV Charging Station

There are a variety of advantages that come with owning an electric car. It helps us improve air quality, and by owning an electric vehicle it will reduce the pollution to our planet, consequently providing us longer lasting environmental stability for generations to come. Electric vehicles produce zero emissions. In 2016, there were nearly seventy-five-thousand new electric vehicles on the round. Nevertheless, we continue to see a growing increase in electric vehicles on the road yearly, we have seen an 18{e1379a6c60a8a59f7b6dab266f259b97ab6bf0dcd3eddf0ab1d704550a2e6eb1} increase of electric vehicles on the road since 2017. Owning an electric Vehicle of course requires having a place to charge your vehicle. Many business owners can benefit from installing an EV (electric Vehicle) charging station.

Installing an EV charging station is a huge way to make a statement about your business and its core values. This will show your employees, your dedication to reducing the environmental footprint caused by pollution. Nevertheless, it will also empower your employees to hold your same values and show them that cleaner energy is obtainable for everyone. This will also allow people who do not have an at home EV charging station, to charge their cars. Providing your business an EV charging station can be a useful bargaining tool towards attracting new employees. In the long run, adding an EV charging station to your premises will add financial and environmental benefits that will strengthen your brand, and your company’s overall reputation. Even local mom and pop shops have started to see the benefits of incorporating an EV charging station to their business. The benefits of installing an EV charging station defiantly outweigh the cost. Most drivers will charge their vehicles for at least one hour. While they are charging their car, this will allow them time to browse your store thus generating repeating costumers.

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There are levels 1 and level 2 charging stations, level 2 is the most common charging station that a vast majority of vehicles use. Level 2 charging stations supplies 240 volts, which is approximately about 25 miles of range per hourly charge. A level 1 charger uses a standard 120-volt house outlet to charge an electric vehicle. The overall charging time will ultimately depend on the size of your battery. Installing a charging station has its perks. Governments from around the world offer financial incentives for people or businesses that install EV charging stations. You are likely to receive a level 1 or level 2 charger rebate provided by your local or federal government. These reductions will allow you to install your EV charging station at an affordable cost.

Thanks to Federal funding business owners who choose to install charging stations have the ability to reduce at least thirty percent of the installation cost, plus they receive an additional $1000 deduction towards the total cost of the installation. Many states offer financial programs to help with the cost of installing an EV charging station. Currently in the United States, there are over 17 thousand businesses with charging stations, and 5 thousand public charging stations. In addition to this, thanks to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act many electric vehicle owners will receive a tax credit upwards of seven-thousand dollars, all depending on the size of your battery.