Using a Refrigeration Service or Buying Own Truck

Car rental cooling is very helpful to business people who focus on frozen food category production.

Are you one of those who has a frozen food business? Do you need a refrigeration truck to deliver all your frozen produce, whether between islands, between cities and cities?

If so, which one you choose between two options, a coolant truck rental or a refrigerant truck purchase?

Here are some explanations as to why you can benefit more when using a carrier refrigeration service.


What Is Cooling Fleet Needed? Can You Buy Everything?

A company will definitely continue to increase its production in order to meet the needs of people who need the goods it sells. When your company wants to buy a cool boxcar, what type of car do you need?

freezer car can already be used by several types of fleets, such as cooling box cars, freezer trucks, reefer trucks, and container reefers.

Are you sure you want to buy all of those cooled fleets? Because what you need to remember is different quantities and cargo of goods, so different from the fleet used. You definitely do not want a fleet that has been purchased in vain and unable to transport all the frozen produce.

Maintenance Fee Box Refrigeration Truck

If you are sure you want to buy a refrigerated car, then the cost of service should you spend every month in order to keep the performances remain good, such as oil, air conditioning, tires, and others.

Not applicable if you use a freight trucking service.

Operating Costs

Rent a reefer truck to send frozen meat means you do not have to pay new employees who are able to operate the car for delivery to your destination/customer. Applies also to the cost of taxes and the cost of employees who are experts set the freezer truck temperature to remain stable and able to adapt to the surrounding weather.

Briefly about the difference in choosing a reefer trucking service by buying a cool boxcar itself can be seen in the following table.

Buy a Car Cooler

Only have one type of fleet (unless you buy all types of fleets)
Need a monthly maintenance fee
It took additional employees to operate refrigerated trucks

Rental Car Cooling Box

Flexible, the required fleet can be adjusted to the number of frozen goods to be shipped
No maintenance fee required
Cost is only needed once, guaranteed cheaper