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Lake City Tree Removal: Tips in Removing Tough Tree Stumps and Roots

It is really tough removing tree stumps than cutting the tree itself, and it’s important to take care of it sooner than later. Tree stumps lead to insect and other pests infestation, growth of new tree shoots or suckers, and infection caused by honey fungus which may be spread to other plants and trees. It is recommended that removing a tree stump must be done right after the tree has been cut, and whether you’re hiring a tree removal specialist or doing it part yourself, you must ensure that the trunk is cut as close to ground as much as possible. It is easy to remove small stumps by digging, but for tougher trees stumps, you may either use a machinery for grinding the stump to sawdust on its place, or use a product to kill the regrowth or help speed up the process of decomposition. Professionals can also burn the stump especially in dry climates and residential areas.

There are methods you can use to get rid of tree stump by speeding up its decay without having to rent a heavy machinery or hire a contractor. Stump killers have active ingredients working similarly to weed killers, that can be absorbed by the stump, preventing regrowth, giving a valuable head start on the lengthy process of decomposition, thus killing it entirely. Experts advice to apply stump killers as soon as possible after the tree has been cut because the stump is still fresh, and the surface of the cells are most receptive to the stump killer treatment. Avoid applying stump killers when the stump is wet like days following a heavy rainfall. Dilute the stump killer in water and wear gloves before painting it to cut the surface with the use of a clean brush for treating smaller stumps. You may drill on the top pf the stump for wide stump, and fill the holes with the solution for better penetration and faster decomposition. Unlike the natural process of decomposition which can take months, the earliest time decomposition starts when you will be using a stump killer is usually four to six weeks. If you need the tree stump to be removed quickly as possible, you need to seek the help of a trees stump removal expert to do the work. Machines are readily available for hire, but we suggest hiring a trees service contractor to do the job, because stump grinders are potentially dangerous especially if handled by people who suffer from poor eyesight and poor mobility.

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Considering that tree removal is a major project, it really requires the help and expertise of a certified tree removal contractor, because trees can be dangerous when they’re cut down and removed. If you are looking for a trusted, reliable and experienced tree removal specialist, you can find one in Lake City.What Has Changed Recently With Options?

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